Using IOS to Expand your Buisness

Hosted by Kyle Richter, Founder, Dragon Forged Software

The best session I attended this afternoon my quite a long way. Heavy on content, lots to take in and fast paced with a slick presentation, Kyle knows his stuff.

I gave up on taking photographs of presenters as it is hard to get one worth using in the low light without disturbing other attendees. Kyle has a twitter account you can follow him or see a picture here @KyleRichter

Kyle looked discussed the reasons for expanding and investing in IOS devices his mainf thrust to this argument was the stats on iPhone and the expansion and profits seen by apple in the news of late. Astounding statistics where:

  • There are 146 million iPhones currently being used around the world. Considering the average user group of an iPhone, that means statistically if you are offering technical support, or targeting sales or transferring a document in a meeting to a client it will most likely be an IOS device.
  • Growth in IOS device last year was 184% this kind of growth can only be seen as a boom and to recognise it as so would be a huge mistake.
  • 52% of page view on the net are through Safari on an IOS device. Which means if your website is being viewed it is statistically most likely that it is being viewed on an iPhone.

He then went on to offer numeral quick fir tips on how to keep afloat and ahead of the game where technology and IOS is concerned. Topics like:

  • Taking transactions at POS
  • Keeping electronic information up to date
  • Checking search hits on google
  • Avoiding dead formats -Flash
  • Leveraging existing IOS tools
  • Content delivery -great ideas here
  • Advice on which third part apps to utilise
  • Good buisness process
  • Training possibilities

From the Macworld Website:

Learn how MacOS provided the foundation for the Resurrection Concert and Live Concert DVD for the reunion show of Boston’s WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble and Boston Music Award winning Industrial Rock group Big Catholic Guilt.

Along the way, learn vital tips for planning your own shoot for a concert event from site survey to lighting, sound and staging.  Learn how we managed a 9 camera shoot on a shoestring budget with a largely volunteer crew and ultimately produced a full 90 minute concert DVD.

The tricks we used to solve picture sync, camera matching, color control and quality control across a spectrum of prosumer video equipment and video and audio post production will help any band make better video of their shows



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