Hidden Secrets of QuickTime and Presentation Magic

I attended two sessions back to back this afternoon before a whistle stop tour of the Expo:

The first session from Don McAllister was Hidden secrets of Quicktime. The main reason for attending was to clarify the exporting and encoding of Quicktime movies. Promotional or client video often arrive in formats incompatible or too large for the different devices we utilise day to day. This session showed how to export video file for use on different devices at more optimal resolutions and files sizes.

Additional learning came in the form of a guide on how to create chaptered screen capture movies. To make tutorials and guides for new users to assist with teaching.

One small addition showed how to add subtitles to video.

From the Macworld website:

Attendees Will Learn:
How to edit and export QuickTime video with the tools provided with OSX, as well as adding additional features to QuickTime videos including Chapters, Captions and Subtitle tracks.

Don McAllister making his presentation


The second session was fantastic session form Les Posen, anybody who has followed my blog knows that I’m a fan of his approach to Keynote and presenting as a whole. I attended his full day workshop last year at Macworld, you can read my review of it here.

A compressed and updated version of last years workshop, Les talks about the 5A’s of Presenting:

  • Audience
  • Attention
  • Authority
  • Authenticity
  • Affordance

and reveals his Magic do’s and the terrible don’t’s of presenting. Having trouble getting your audience to listen and remember? Take a leaf out of Les’s book.


From Macworld website:

New users to the Mac platform who bring with them the Powerpoint workflow often merely reproduce Powerpoint’s style with Apple’s Keynote. But Keynote can do so much more because of its advantages, if only users’ minds can be opened to its possibilities. There’s steal magic to be had in using keynote, and Les will demo the kind of Keynote uses that have audience go “Wow”, and then moan they can’t reproduce the effects on the Windows PCs!

With the online training business now worth billions, it’s time to see just what Keynote is capable of doing.


Whistle Stop of Expo:

This year I’m taking a new approach to the expo. Today I toured the floor with out my camera and attempted to take in as much as I can. I will do a full photo blog review at a later date.

Next up an evening session…

Macworld RapidFire

Come be dazzled in 5 minutes – over and over again!  Macworld | iWorld’s RapidFire is all about getting “to-the-point” and teaching our audience one cool thing, really quickly and really effectively. Join Dan Moren, Sr Associate Editor, Macworld, as he introduces each presenter to tackle one little known or little understood feature, one confusing concept, or one new approach and see if they can beat the clock to bet you the data that matters.


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