Appleooza – Super iPad Apps for Work

Phil Goodman & Ben Levy

This was a very useful session, in their own words they went for the “Fire hose” approach to session, lots of information in a short time. Personaly I think all the session should be like this. Time is short and I traveled a long way for this conference so the more information I can get in a short time the better.

There’s too much to repeat here but what i learned here I can guarantee will be in integrated into a few training session I will be holding in the near future.

Topics and Apps covered include:

  • Embrace the cloud, Dropbox, Sugar Synce, iCloud,
  • Evernote, One Password and Goodreader
  • Core Buisness apps, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Quick office, Office Squared, Cloud on , On Live
  • Date Base, File Maker go
  • Managing Tasks, Things & Omni Focus
  • Mind Maps, flow charts and Diagrams, Omni Graffle, Carbon Fin Outliner
  • Uses of Insta Paper
  • PDF Expert for Signing document and annotation of PDFS
  • Idea flight for presentation through iPads
  • Agendas an app for organising and compiling meetings
  • A special section on taking payments with “Square”

I could go on, so you will definatly have to ask me about this one…

Great session… Next file sharing


2 thoughts on “Appleooza – Super iPad Apps for Work

  1. This one looks like it was worth the trip alone.

    The Evernote/goodreader usage is a particularly interesting part I think given the way we want to present to clients in the building and when we travel.

    • Agreed. I also came all this way to get chatting to a guy from Surrey about this
      This has is fantastic solution that let you create self guided or hyperlinked (if you like) presentation. Something Keynote (ipad) doesn’t do yet.
      Allows you to drop in PDFs and movies with a number of pre-set themes. The kicker, you can update presentations remotely through a web interface and it it updates all your synced iPads that are connect to the web. You just need a little Photoshop experience to fully customise each pres (CHECK)

      You can even lock the iPad into presenter mode… this is one for all teams

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