Mac OS X Automation – Ben Waldie

This all day workshop expands on last years short Tech Talk which you can read about here.

Ben was offering an in depth introduction to Automation an Apple Script functions in Mac OSX. He made it clear that it would not be possible to learn the entire Apple Script programming language in one day but he made a great introduction.

His learning objectives where as follows:

– What AppleScript, Automator, and Services are, how they work, and what they can do
– Benefits of these automation technologies
– How to construct an Automator workflow
– How to create and use Services in Mac OS X
– How to write some simple AppleScripts
– Differences between AppleScript and Automator
– Next steps and resources for continued learning

Ben opened my eyes to what is possible in terms of using full or partial automation to, increase efficiency, reducing set up time and offer remote support to clients or colleagues who require to carry out technical tasks beyond their user level.

A number of useful instances for creating automated applications and Apple Scripts are:

  • Creating an Automation/ Script to run maintenance on identical systems. Standardising settings and wiping disk partitions etc
  • Application drops which allow renaming and relocation through drag and drop.
  • Batch manipulation eg. PDFs can be Automated into Keynote with a slide per page or JPG converted to PNG
  • Simple processes can be sent Automated an application to a user. The user runs the application and it makes the changes you need without you being there.
  • iCal event can automate through calendar to perform regular tasks like archiving
  • Third part Apps can be automated, photoshop, Fetch, Transmit. File can be uploaded and download automatically.
  • Mail attachments can be automatically sent to folders anywhere on the system
RL – I’m looking forward giving you the low down on this

For those reader who are not technically minded, I apologise. There will be more exciting post to come. I garentee it.


Here ares some links offer by Ben as resources: A Mac Script forum Website of the creator of Automation and script currently working at Apple Ben Waldie’s website


2 thoughts on “Mac OS X Automation – Ben Waldie

  1. This looks every bit as interesting and usful as I hoped. Not only for clearing down a partition after an event but perhaps even for automating some of the SpeakerPreview processes for distributing files around the building.

    Thanks for going to that session.

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