Backing Up Your Mac – What You Need To Know

Dave Hamilton, President & Podcaster, The Mac Observer / Mac Geek Gab

This session was extremely busy. Dave talked about different options for backing up with NAS drives,  different cloud services, network connect devices. He also discussed Evernote and Sugarsync as ways of preserving your data

From Macworld website:

A topic that is — or should be — hot on everyone’s minds these days is backups. While most people understand why backups are important and many understand at least one way of backing up, there’s more here than meets the eye. How reliable are your backups? What happens when you actually need to restore? Is Network-Attached Storage (NAS) something you should use? Most importantly: are you properly prepared for the day *after* the day disaster strikes? Dave Hamilton will answer these questions and more. Discussing not only Apple’s Time Machine, but alternative options including clouds, clones and copies, he’ll teach you the ins and outs of what options are available, helping you decide the best way to safeguard YOUR computing life.

Who Should Attend?
Any Mac user that values their data and wants to either learn more about Time Machine or go beyond it.

Attendees Will Learn:
– What backup options are available for Mac users?
– How do I build a backup strategy that’s effective and easy to manage?
– What does backing up to the cloud mean?
– What are the risks in backing up to the cloud?
– What else can I do to protect my data?


2 thoughts on “Backing Up Your Mac – What You Need To Know

  1. The question of how to use a backup in the event of a failure is an interesting and terrifying one.

    Off to Brussels tomorrow. Catch you when you get back.

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