Appalooza: Productivity Apps

This morning I arrived for the first Tech Talk of Macworld iWorld a guide to productivity apps. This session covered an advantage of technology which is useful in areas of buisness to save time, communicate and transfer information.

Before I got started I charged up and checked emails at one of these charging stations, far better then stooping on the floor next to a power outlet

The session  was hosted by:

Sam Levin & Tim Robertson

They offered some great tips on Apps I already use like Evernote, showing ways to use this service to make sharing PDF’s, Pictures, plans and video between colleagues on a shared account. They addressed issues such as overcoming the IT security issues thrown up by using such apps.

They also introduced me to one or two alternatives to cloud storage

– Draw/type notes while recording an audio note.. and that the audio is synced to your notes on the fly.
Snap a photo or draw over it to design your new room. Share on the fly or watch it on a large screen.
Take notes on the fly, save favorite web pages, work/share with colleagues, share content seamlessly with friends/family.. it’s your iOS digital storage locker!
Baby Monitor: Not just for Babies
– Watch live video from any iPad/iPhone/touch. Baby Monitor will even send a text if your when it detects movement

Any question please ask!


Here are some links offered out by this sessions hosts:  Productivity App review blog The Un-cloud cloud storage solution


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