Macworld / iWorld kit

Essentials for Macworld

Getting the most out of Macworld is all about having the right tools:

1. ID – Security is understandably tight, so identification is required

2. Black & Red Note books – I love technology, but I need hand written notes and my iPad stylus is just not thin enough.

3. USB Drive – For sharing

4. Macbook Pro 13″

5. Power strip with USB chargers attached

6. 7 day MUNI passport – for travel

7. Business Cards – to connect

8. Magic mouse – I’m not track pad man

9. Stationary

10. iPad2 and smart cover

11. iPhone 4S –  with working Siri while I’m here

12. DSL – Canon 450d

13. Rugged Lacie Firewire hard drive

14. Long Lens for DSL

15. US to EU power adapter

Next up a day on Automation in OSX…


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