Even the iPads have iPads

Yesterday I visited the Apple store just of Mission .

The Apple store on Mission

As you would expect their main push was for iCloud and the iPhone 4S sporting Siri assistant.

As yo may know Siri is a beta product and does not completely work in the UK. I talked to a “Genius” in store and they told me this will change in 2012 but an exact date wasn’t forth coming.

Tech talk at in store Auditorium


The store has an educational Auditorium that runs free Tech talks for those who are interested. I sat though a couple and as you would expect these guys really know there stuff. If I get a chance I will pop back on the 27th to attend a talk about Managing IOS devices with Lion server.

All products on display have iPad running a presentation tour

A point of interest was that each product was running a keynote presentation guiding the viewer through all of the key features of the products.

In the Apple store even the iPads had iPads!


4 thoughts on “Even the iPads have iPads

  1. Lion server management of iOS devices is indeed an interesting concept. If you get a chance to describe our particular setup to someone that could be very helpful. ie multiple iOS devices to sync an update and multiple macs to reformat regularly.

  2. Sounds great Gary,
    I’m looking to build on my knowledge of Keynote after the successful delivery of Han’s ETAG presentation! Thanks for all your support and looking forward to hearing more of your findings when you return.
    PS – that looks like one all mighty Apple store! I thought the Glasgow one was big!

    • Hi John you are very welcome, Keynote will feature as part of your upcoming technology training. You know I can also make myself available for one to one.

      Thanks for your comments and following along!

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