Macworld / iWorld January 2012

Building on last year’s successful attendance and due to the rapidly expanding IOS device usage witnessed from delegates, clients, and colleagues, I am happy to say I will be returning to Macworld / iWorld 2012. Here you can read, review and comment (please) on Workshops, Tech talks and exhibition highlights I encounter during the event.

Macworld / iWorld


Following up on 2011, I will be investigating apple related products, services and developments including software, hardware and accessories. I will be networking and training with like minded professional creatives looking for new ways to improve efficiency and productivity, finding new paths to innovate and improve the customer experience in the hospitality and conference industry. This year I will be focusing additional emphasis on return on, technology and personal development, investment and progressing training techniques. When approaching these opportunities this year it is specifically important to keep in mind all aspects of the industry to include Sales, Marketing, Event design and elements of General operations taking into account there increased utilisation of the Technical and IT toolbox.

Thank you for following and please do hesitate to comment and ask questions.


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