Friday morning Sessions – Photoshop Tips & Screencast MasterClass

This morning I attended a session by Dr Russel Brown who offered tips for getting more from your photographs using adobe bridge and other tools to alow you to put them on to your portable devices in order to showcase them more effectively. These skills and tips could help you to organise bids for buisness using ipad. Unfortunately I had to leave this session early as it overlapped with the next session I wanted to attend.Luckily Dr Brown supplied all his notes and video file on disk which is very helpful. Big thanks to him.

Don MacAllister - Screencast Master Class

Don MacAllisters Screencast Master class concentrated on the Screencast software for mac.  Its an extremely  useful piece of software that allows users to screen capture  video of their desk top along with audio or additional video. It can be used to produce everything from short user IT training videos to recording session for podcast or download over the web. I am new to this area and Don pitched the session perfectly for me.

Time for another look around the exhibition.


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