Friday Lunch time at the expo..

Today it was time for another trip around the expo. I saw a couple of thing worth a mention here. We where looking out for multi-charge solution for mobile devices and by far the best one I’ve seen at the expo thus far is a universal charging station made by a Spanish company called IDAPT.

Idapt cross platform charging station

The station has interchangeable adapters compatible with over 400o portable devices. Which I think makes it future resistant. A nice feature was that if you are order multiple station say 4 placed around our business centre for example they supply you with custom branded facia. According to their rep Audi supply custom charger from IDAPT to there preferred customers.

IDAPT Customisable skins

I also saw an interesting consideration for a new building or business centre called the U-Socket. An AC mains outlet with built in 5v auto-sensing USB outlet made distributed by Fastmac. The gentleman I spoke to told me he was waiting on  clearance to produce a European version but he expects to be in production fall of this year.

AC Mains Socket with 5v USB outlet


One thought on “Friday Lunch time at the expo..

  1. Very nice looking charging solution. That is exactly what I have been looking for.

    Maplin sell a 13a socket with USB but it looks a little bit cheap and plastic and it doesn’t have a switch so good if these guys step up with a quality product.

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