Afternoon IT Session – Beau Hunter -The Command Line Interface Demystified

Beau Hunter - The Command Line Interface Demystified

This session was highly technical and delved deeply into disc control and admin via Macs terminal window. A command prompt language that lets you access options not available through the OSX GUI.

Description taken from the Macworld Expo website:

“As most people know, OS X is built on top of a very powerful, oft considered archaic, command line interface known as UNIX. What most people don’t know is that while intimidating to many, learning the command line interface can actually be pretty fun, and once you get the hang of it, it can be extremely powerful. Once harnessed, knowledge of command line tools can help you to manage not only a single server or workstation, but can be unleashed upon an entire fleet of computers to give you levels of power and reach that no GUI interface can achieve.

This session will serve as an introduction to the command line, providing a look into a very powerful and underexploited underbelly of OS X. The session will cover a variety of command line topics, but will start out with the basics: navigation, basic file operations, and various help utilities. From there we will branch out into some more useful OS X utilities, and will learn how to chain commands together to tackle some common situations where the power of scripting really shines. One of the largest bearers to adoption of the CLI is intimidation, and this session will seek to tackle that issue head on.”


Top 50 Terminal Commands | Mac Tricks And Tips


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