Afternoon at the Expo…

Macworld Live Stage in the expo hall

I made my way around some of the exhibition this afternoon. I managed to cover around a third of the exhibitors and I listened in to some of the discussion a the Macworld Live stage. IOS is the everywhere! Third party apps and hardware for Apples portable devices make up 80% of the exhibition floor space.

Stand holder taking payment using Ipad card reader

I saw an exhibitor using an ipad with a card reader peripheral taking payment for a product called the “ifling” a gaming accessory for the ipad. I have yet to find the stand for the manufacturer who produces this card reader but I can see advantages of being able to take direct payment by card anywhere in a building within Wi-FI range. Everywhere is now your point of sale! I’ll be looking for these guys tomorrow as I explore the rest of the conference.

L5 Technology Stand demoing infrared imiter

The L5 Technologies stand demoed just one small iphone, ipad and ipod touch peripheral. Its a universal remote solution which is very neat. It offers pre-programmed remote control of domestic and pro electronics but the clever bit is you can point any remote at your IOS device fitted with one of these and programme it to control any infrared controlled device. You can lock out certain functions or create macros to let you stack infrared signals to do a number of tasks. As you would expect the controller app is free to download. It retails for $49 and is available from Amazon now.

L5 Universal Infrared Imiter


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