Pre-conference Workshop Presentation Magic – Les Posen 10am – 5pm

Les Posen presenting to workshop attendees

As  you would expect from a workshop on creating high impact presentations this workshop was engaging, entertaining and interactive. Les utilised media, design theory,  the physiology of learning and human emotion and instict to put across more effective communication. He explained how to build trust and respect from your listeners and revealed his technical secrets for key note and presentations in general. He used many examples including the Al Gore’s TED  lecture and TED Founder lectures, advertisement strategies and motion picture making techniques he explained how ideas are spread using human behaviour and how information rich media technology can be utilised to grasp the attention of your audience. The information Les conveyed and his way of thinking is invaluable to anybody involved in the conference, teaching, sales and marketing alike.

Les cleverly offered an incentive to those who paid attention to him and answered questions. I answered a question about Foursquare Location based social networking software. A good technique for anyone who has to get people to listen and get involved.

My earned freebie

Todays work shop description taken from Macworld Expo website:

“In 2011 Les Posen will continue to elaborate on what he proposed would happen in 2009 and 2010: The world of presenting would leap into what can be called “Presentation 2.0.”

It’s time to leave behind boring, disengaging slideware-based efforts to engage audiences, and utilize cutting edge cognitive and affective neuroscience to produce presentations that better match how humans think, perceive, emote and learn.

While Apple’s Keynote has yet to be perfected, it continues to be refined as an exemplary knowledge creating and sharing tool, which, when properly applied according to an emerging evidence-base, can lead to extraordinary audience reactions.

Les Posen will take lessons learned from his previous three Macworld appearances in 2008, 2009 and 2010, where he used Keynote 5 to provide highly evaluated workshops, and use the current version of Keynote (as of January 2011) to demonstrate how to apply this tool to a variety of presenting scenarios: from schoolrooms and college lecture theatres, to boardrooms and scientific conferences, as well as new product launches.

The tools in Keynote not only approach cinematic levels of performance, but in the right hands and using some imagination, Keynote can match some of the effects and persuasive qualities of current affairs television.

Knowing how to apply these tools will add to attendees ability to command the big three A’s in presenting:
Authority, Authenticity and Attention.

2010 Attendees returning in 2011 will once more see a mix of presentation theory merge with practical examples and step by step strategies they can follow during the workshop.

A year later, with the introduction of an iPad-based Keynote (and Les’ visits and communication with the Keynote team), will produce another engaging and fulfilling full-day workshop, unique to Macworld!”

Taken from the Macworld 2011 Expo website.

You can follow Les Posen on Twitter@lesposen

Links of interest:

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5 thoughts on “Pre-conference Workshop Presentation Magic – Les Posen 10am – 5pm

    • Thanks for following Nig. It was a great workshop but set the bar pretty high for the rest of the conference. All I can see are the flaws in people presentation styles now. Speak soon!

  1. Glad, you had a great time at the workshop; really appreciate the picture; are you able to allow me to use it for publicity purposes? (yeah, I’ll get you a Keynotethemepark freebie theme for your troubles!)

    You offered a nice summary of what we achieved without giving away the show – a great teaser! Should have issued a warning ahead of time, that attendance at the workshop will spoil future presentations you attend! You’re not the first to make the comment.

    • Thanks Les, I really enjoyed your workshop and I’m glad that came across on the blog. You are welcome to use the photograph I’ll email full resolution copy through to you.

      Agreed you should come with public presentation warning!

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