Morning Session – Mac OSX Automation – Ben Waldie

Ben Waldie - Introduction to Automation in OSX

This mornings session concentrated on an introduction to the automation processes built into OSX. It was an informative session and I learned the basics so I can continue learning on my own. Automation lets you complete tasks, quicker, with fewer mistakes, very accurately and consistently with high quality results. This technology can be utilised by service such as speaker preview. For example it is possible to set up an Automation folder which re-names or converts files automatically as they place in a folder. Another example is an Ical automation which could be set to send or download files to or from a designated folder or mail account to another at a particular time of day. The automation possibilities could save a lot of time from repetitive tasks and offer 24 hour technical automation to your client.

Now its time to get a good look around the exhibition!


3 thoughts on “Morning Session – Mac OSX Automation – Ben Waldie

  1. This looks like it is going to very useful, thanks for going to that one.
    Also, thought it was only fair that this blog got at least one comment. Never going to be as popular as the food blog!

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